My History
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My History

Established 2016

Producing belts & leather goods with the finest quality materials

I established Chadwick Handmade Belts in early 2016 as a solution to not being able to find a suitable, high quality belt. Inspired by my late Grandfather, Alfred Chadwick who himself made belts after the demise of the weaving industry during the 1960s, I worked with the knowledge passed onto me to create my own belt. This quickly evolved to creating gifts for friends and family whose recommendations eventually lead to orders being posted worldwide.


Now in 2019, Chadwick Handmade Belts prides itself on producing belts and leather goods made with the finest quality materials with the aim of never needing to be replaced.


Each belt is made in Todmorden, West Yorkshire and created entirely by hand using traditional leather tools. It is clear to see the time and dedication given to each item that is created.